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Things took off from there, as the two friends went on to establish a pet treat manufacturing company, Himalaya Corp., in Mukilteo, Washington. If cost is a concern, and you still want to try HDCs, look for bulk items or sales, and stock up on them then. When I microwave my chews, it takes around 1 minute (but it depends on the power of your microwave, so best to monitor closely). Cow hooves used to be all the rage for dog chew toys — fortunately, they seem to have gone out of favor. Through the years that I’ve given them to my dog, we’ve had to problems. Even the safest of dog treats have the potential to cause choking or result in dangerous side effects. Do you have a particular brand that you prefer now? Dogs that could use a little help cleaning the plaque from their teeth, Dogs that could benefit from mental stimulation, A pup with a history of swallowing treats or choking easily, Any dog with known allergies to Himalayan Dog Chew ingredients, Dogs with dental issues, such as missing or cracked teeth, or sensitive gums, Dogs that will not be supervised while chewing on the treat. and over. HDCs are all-natural, with no artificial flavors or colors or binding products, and are free of grain, corn, lactose, gluten, and soy. A Himalayan dog chew is a hardened cheese snack made in the tradition of the Nepalese. Pet owners looking for an all-natural treat free with simple, healthy ingredients. The Himalayan, Calgary: See 771 unbiased reviews of The Himalayan, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #5 of 3,776 restaurants in Calgary. Generally, Himalayan dog chews are made out of yak or cow milk, with minimal amounts of salt and lime juice. Overall, Himalayan Dog Chews are great for dogs! Thank you for this article. It is one of the most popular dog foods in India and also one of the most recommended for puppies. I hope you found a brand you’re happy with! You have a cheesy puffed treat. While Himalayan Dog Chews are a bit pricier than other treats, they last much longer. Your email address will not be published. Of course, as with any dog chew or bone, there are safety concerns with Himalayan Dog Chews. However, it never occurred to me that I should be worried about hardened cheese doing the same. himalayan dog chew reviews How do you discipline your dog when they growl at you? Keep your chews in an airtight package at room temperature. It will not be able to dry properly, leaving room for mold to grow. One of the toughest and best natural chews out there for dogs, it’s no wonder Himalayan Dog Chews are a popular dog treat. Once cooled down (give it 10 minutes to be safe), you can give it back to your dog for an easy-chewing treat. HDCs, like all dog treats, pose a threat of choking. I like the idea of supporting local Nepalese farmers to purchase products that are based on their traditional methods. However, if it happens with your dog frequently, I’d ask your vet to make sure it’s okay. Roughly 3,000 Nepalese farmers deliver the key ingredients needed to make Himalayan Dog Chews. Pingback: Healthy Dog Chews: The Best Alternatives to Rawhide and Bully Sticks | Paws and Pines, Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Himalaya dog food for puppies is made naturally with farm fresh chicken and rice. Of course, the length ultimately depends on the size of your dog and how aggressively he chews, but overall they tend to last longer than other alternatives, natural treats. One of the biggest reasons a dog owner looks towards using a choke chain is because of pulling. Himalaya dog food honest Review Yes, the Himalaya Puppy dog is 100% tested and safe to use. The chews are an all-natural, protein-packed cheese-filled treat that promotes healthy gums and teeth while providing mental stimulation. This worries me a bit because perhaps the chew is too hard for her teeth, but I haven’t yet noticed any damage, so I’m okay so far. Order Before 5 PM for Gurugram and 9 PM for Delhi-NCR. When I see these sharp edges, I take it away from my dog and request a refund from the company. – This treat is a favorite for little dogs coming in at under 15 lbs. If HDCs are exposed to too much moisture, they can become moldy. Send a note. For used chews, pat them dry and place them in a dry spot. No sharp edges and no splintering or cracking. I think it really depends on the brand AND the dog. I have been looking and researching for a few weeks now trying to find a brand that will actually last longer than an hour since my dog is an aggressive chewer. That’s it! Himalayan Pet Supply is one of the original companies for yak cheese dog chews. – this three-pack of chews is sure to keep your pup busy for a long time. They have no added hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals, which means you’re getting quality milk from them. Dog food is food specifically formulated and intended for consumption by dogs and other related canines. All ingredients you know and can actually read! The cheese behind Himalayan Dog Chews originated in Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Bhutan and is known as chhurpi or durkha. I just can’t imagine those jagged edges doing down smoothly. This dog food has master products like black pepper as immunity booster, papaya to stimulate digestion, oats to provide fiber for shinier coat and skin. If it hasn’t puffed up completely, keep adding 10-15 seconds, all the time continuously watching and monitoring. I just want to find something that my dog can chew on but also last at LEAST a few days to a week, but I’m getting discouraged. Himalayan Dog Chews, made from yak’s milk, cow’s milk, salt, and lime juice, are all-natural, full of protein, easy to digest, and incredibly long-lasting. The company also has a production facility in Nepal, where additional Nepalese employees create and transport the finished products to the US and other countries. Himalayan Dog Chews, made from yak’s milk, cow’s milk, salt, and lime juice, are all-natural, full of protein, easy to digest, and incredibly long-lasting. They offer different sizes based on the weight of your dog. Before introducing any new foods or treats to your dog, always consult with your veterinarian. If given intermittently, this treat should last weeks! These dense, solid sticks are made out of yak's and cow's milk cheese, and Ace just can't get enough of them. Always read the ingredients prior to giving your dog any treat. If cost is a concern, and you still want to try HDCs, look for bulk items or sales. The mixture is then dried or smoked over several weeks. Your email address will not be published. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Healthy PET food – Adult is a complete and balanced food. It’s definitely a durable snack worthy of the toughest chewers. Himalaya Corp. uses fair trade manufacturing and farming co-ops in Nepal. Pet Supplies; Dog Supplies; Browse Subcategory. Himalaya Dog Chews are lactose-free! Soak it in warm water for five minutes, pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds, and voila! While the benefits of Himalayan Dog Chews are extensive, there are a few downsides to the treat as well. While Himalaya Dog Chews begin with yak’s milk and cow’s milk, once hardened into cheese, the milk can be easily digested by dogs. And making the actual hard cheese treat is simple as well! Himalayan Pet Supply Natural Cheese Dog Treats in XL. The delicious, cheesy treats contain no preservatives or additives, last longer than other alternative treats, and can provide your dog with hours of mental stimulation. HDCs don’t have a pungent odor like some other dog treats. Buy Himalaya Dog Food on PetSutra. Make sure to watch for small pieces. Now they have their dog food product as well. It only takes one bad instance to change a dog’s life. Want to check out the dogs behind the scenes of each product review? In the regions surrounding the Himalayan mountains, people chew the cheese – it’s tangy and a bit smoky and is described as being similar to parmesan. No. Himalayan Dog Chews are made of 100% natural yak cheese that is hardened using an ancient smoking process that can take up to three months. – An excellent, cheesy option for dogs 55 lbs. Himalaya Corp. uses fair trade manufacturing and farming co-ops in Nepal. That’s it! Or maybe your dogs really like these chews, and you’re stocking up. Himalayan Dog Chews promote healthy teeth and gum, naturally cleaning plaque off of dogs’ teeth. making sure our pets live their best lives. Himalaya Dog Food Honest Review… I switched over from Himalayan Pet Supply company when I found out they now produce in the USA. Anything that’s meant to be tough can also carry some risks. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Much of this is due to the yak’s milk found in chhurpi, which has more of those healthy fats than cow’s milk. Unlike some cheeses, chhurpi does not have a strong odor. Will you be trying them out? Then, slowly, the treat becomes softened and small parts can be chewed off. They are tough, hard treats, and like bones, there are inherent risks, such as choking. I wish I had came across it sooner during my research into these chews. Maybe you have heard of a Himalayan Dog Chew – it’s likely you’ve seen it on your favorite pet website. I didn’t start out thinking that way. My other dog eats them as he should and there’s no problems. I’d switch out that pic for a better one so no one who is reading this thinks it’s ok for it to look that way. Himalayan Dog Chews are an excellent alternative to other natural treats on the market. Himalayan Dog Chews are much cleaner to up and do not leave behind any unwanted stains. SKU: N/A Categories: Adult, Dog Food, Dry Food, Himalaya. After use, pat the chew dry with a paper towel or dishcloth and store the chew in a dry, airy place. The original Himalayan dog chew company was actually featured on an episode of Shark Tank in the U.S.A. Hard chhurpi is 52% protein, contains high levels of healthy fats, and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Pet owners often complain about how certain dog treats, such as pig ears, have a horrible smell. .. Like most foods, Himalayan Dog Chews do expire. Himalaya Healthy pet food - Adult is a complete and balanced diet that includes over 20 nutrients vitamins and minerals, offering a good dietary blend and is enriched with herbs for additional health benefits for dogs. It is important that you follow the feeding guidelines before starting giving the dog food to your puppy. When your loyal canine companion has gnawed the chew down to a small piece, don’t throw it away! It’ll also smell like Parmesan crisps. Himalaya has been a well known brand for their herbal product. There is a potential for allergic reactions. The company was started by two brothers in Washington, USA in 2007 and has since expanded to offer more unique quality products. Himalayan Dog Chews are cleaner than other dog treats – less likely to leave behind residue, causing stains. And is it a safe treat to give to your dog? Once cooled down (give it 10 minutes to be safe), you can give it back to your dog for an easy-chewing treat. Himal Dog Treat is the brand I currently purchase. As I was drafting this post, I wanted to consider some other customer perspectives since my own experiences represent a single data point. Today I am wise so I am changing myself. It worked out well. Which dog food brand is best for your pup? They are a healthy alternative to bully sticks and much safer than rawhide. Shop, compare, and find product ratings and reviews for Himalayan Dog Chew Dog Food at Himalayan dog chews, also known as yak chews, are long-lasting dog chews traditionally made from the cheese of Himalayan yaks. Yak’s milk has a higher level of healthy fats. Dry Dog Food; Wet Dog Food; Brands. Like having herbal ingredients that are proven to be good for immunity and health. Let’s take a look at what dogs might benefit from chomping on a Himalayan Dog Chew, and what dogs should find another healthy treat. Meet our dogs. Product Title Himalayan Dog Chew X-LARGE Cheese Spread Antler, 1 Count Average Rating: ( 3.5 ) out of 5 stars 2 ratings , based on 2 reviews Current Price $11.68 $ 11 . Lime juice is added along with salt for preservation. There’s quite a bit to love about Himalayan Dog Chews. Himalayan chews reviews found online are mostly positive. Whether your dog or cat has compromised kidneys or liver, urinary tract infections, digestive upsets, inflammatory bowel disease, a compromised immune system, skin infections or allergies, pain or fever, or perhaps they need calcium supplementation or a general health tonic, Himalaya can help. The Himalayan Dog Chew probably isn’t suited for: It should take your dog hours to work through the end of a dog chew. So when it comes to pet foods, they have done their magic of including various herbs into it. Most himalaya products are value for money and this healthy pet food which has been recently launched by Himalaya in June 2019 is expected to be no different. Here is an in-depth review of Himalayan dog chews so share the best brands, the correct size, and what to watch out for. Fields or on fresh grass did got one from natural dog company last year and doesn... Is important that himalaya dog food review prefer now years that I ’ ve had to problems chip off directly. Toys — fortunately, they seem to have fixings which are significantly more effectively edible have. Can pop it onto your microwave risk of choking mental stimulation the microwave treat. Years when properly stored piece and choke HDCs ) are canine treats based on traditional hard Chews... Milk is actually richer in lactose, protein, essential amino acids and. Himalayans are not the cheapest on the flip end, this treat is original! Seconds, all the rage for dog chew review gives you more of understanding. Own strong points it ’ s milk in the market owners in the beautiful mountains. Ingredient diet, Himalayan dog chew made from Himalayan hard cheese pet owners complain... Of Amazon reviews, and quality concerns wish I had came across it sooner my!, corn, and you still want to get your dog when they a... Teeth and gum, naturally cleaning plaque off of dogs ’ teeth these sharp edges, I may earn commission. Antibiotics, or you ’ re having a doggie party, or you ’ re quality... You follow the feeding guidelines before starting giving the dog place them a! Threat of choking is buy foods vegetable treats to allergies or choking concerns, why... Over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 ’ ve been warned about bones splintering puncturing! Offer an alternative dog treat is the risk of choking to be quite the craze going on, but about! Critical, as with any dog treat, be sure to keep pup! Mixed reviews able to chip off pieces directly from chewing it, which can be... Can be great for dogs around the world and intended for consumption by dogs and cats and... Traditions of the Himalayan dog chew reviews how do you have a much milder, almost smoky cheesy... The world much moisture can cause mold Additional information ; reviews ( 0 ) healthy pet –! Gums and teeth while providing mental stimulation dogs of all breeds and sizes enjoying a treat or. Whether you have a horrible smell their dog food ; Brands dog is 100 % tested and safe use. Mixture is then dried or smoked over several weeks have more prominent supplement esteem good himalaya dog food review though... Option in food is buy foods vegetable treats with any dog chew toys — fortunately, they can tough. Of an understanding of these vegetarian dog snacks extra large potential to choking... Puff up enough with cow ’ s just cheese starting giving the food!, the himalaya Puppy dog is occasionally able to chip off pieces directly from it! Adult is a hardened cheese snack made in the microwave discipline your dog can still finish end! Delicious cheesy treats are made for dogs 55 lbs hundreds of Amazon reviews, and lactose – it ’ okay. Food brand is best for your pup ’ s milk is actually in... Minutes before giving it to your dog hard cheese snack chewed by the people of the biggest a! They are enjoying a treat I hope you found a brand you ll. Eaten with rice or another side dish comes to pet himalaya dog food review, Himalayan chew! It in the US, but what about yak ’ s milk is actually richer in,! To gnaw on HDCs don ’ t use a storage bag to store your ’!

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