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The RSN also operates the Protector unmanned surface vehicles. RSS Archer was relaunched on 16 June 2009[101] and recommissioned on 2 December 2011, with her sister boat RSS Swordsman being commissioned on 30 April 2013. The RSN claims the date as the day of their official establishment and commemorates Navy Day on 5 May every year. [63], The Maritime Security Command (MARSEC) was formed in June 2020 as part of the internal restructuring of the prior Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF), which itself hailed from the inaugural Coastal Command. Its landing ships tank and civil resource vessels provide sea transportation and logistics support overseas, while the submarines force provides a subsurface capability for the navy. Protect Singapore's sealine of communications and contribute to regional peace and security. Helicopter, submarine deliveries to Singapore delayed because of Covid-19. Diesel-electric attack submarines (SSKs): 2 4. You need a LHA comparable to that of other nations which are far more larger and capable.160/170 is small compared to those other classes.Plus we have no marines of any sort(unless u count the guards)There were discussions by some that the reduction of airbases on land could spur the airforce and navy to consider deploying aircrafts on the JMMS. However the, article has The submarines will have the capability of staying submerged for approximately 50% longer compared to the Archer-class submarines as it is fitted with an advanced air-independent propulsion system based fuel cell technology. US Sharply Increases South China Sea Activities Pr... Stealthy Aircraft & Submarines of Long-Term Effect... Indian Defence Research Wing (IDRW) > submarine, USNI News > Categories > Submarine Forces, IndraStra > SITREP > Naval Warfare section, Eric Thompson [ex nuclear submarine Commodore], AgoraVox le média citoyen Tag sous-marins, Zone Militaire tag sous-marins, Le portail des forces navales Russie Fédération de Russie. replacements were settled since there were no other ships of class that needed Along the way, some proposed capabilities were abandoned, such as the development of a fleet oiler (scuppered by the Asian Financial Crisis). ", "Invincible, first of Singapore's biggest and most advanced submarines, launches in Germany", "Parliament: SAF to restructure to deal with cyber, terrorism, maritime threats", "The Maritime Security Task Force will acquire new purpose-built platforms to better deal with maritime threats like sea robberies and intrusions into Singapore Territorial Waters. Conduct diplomacy by exercising with foreign navies and taking part in international operations for peace support, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. [118], The Fearless class patrol vessels were built locally by ST Marine to replace the Swift class coastal patrol crafts, with all ships in commission by August 1989. back in 2016 was premature. Then came the year 2018 and Defence Minister, . (first launched 1988), Endurance There will still be a good number of assets I presume dependent on runway/roadways way into 2030s.Maybe a good discussion topic revisit? class Littoral Mission Vessels (, US B-2 Bombers Transit - Refuel Over Australia - MAP, Russian Status-6 Giant Drone/Torpedo Not Actually New. [127], Automation was incorporated into the design of CNB to reduce manpower requirements. [63][67], The Naval Logistics Command (NALCOM) is responsible for up-keeping and planning the maintenance schedules of ships and the equipping of supplies and assets. 30 June 2020. there is no commencement of project. [73], Enlistees to the Naval Diving Unit are selected based on their eyesight and medical fitness and trained at Frogman School located within Sembawang Camp. [113] The antisubmarine capability, which consisted of anti-submarine torpedoes and variable depth sonar detectors, was removed during the refit. [124] Plans have been announced to refurbish and retain four patrol vessels.[56]. It was not until 1984 that naval officials convinced the government of the necessity of a seagoing fleet to secure the nation's sea lines of communication in the Malacca Strait and South China Sea, both of which lead to the Port of Singapore; a major contributor to the economy. The launch of the advanced diesel-electric submarine represents a significant milestone in the ongoing submarine programme for the Republic of Singapore, noted ThyssenKrupp. Maintain continuous surveillance on the Singapore Strait to prevent sea robberies, piracy, terrorism and unwanted incursions during peacetime. Transport, Maritime Security Task Force (Anyone knows)MRCV is quite clear just wonder if IMDEX Asia 21 is on Anticipating the unveiling of ships for MSTF & MRCV(maybe still early)Am just waiting to see the scale model. Commisiomed in 2019 13 years of development before it was commisioned during Armour's Formation Anniversary(They had it planned out)Question of it being able to carry F35Bs remains the hottest topic for the vesselWe are talking about 10 years from now. The RSN traces its origins to the Royal Navy in the 1930s with only two patrol craft. Its personnel are considered among the elite forces of Singapore. [116] The first two gunboats were constructed in Germany, while the remaining four were constructed locally by ST Marine (then known as Singapore Shipbuilding and Engineering). On 16 September 1963, Sin… Its 6.2 km (3.9 mi) berthing space can accommodate an aircraft carrier and is often used by visiting ships of the USN. [66] The MSTF was unique in that it was supposed to report directly to the CDF in times of war, though it is unclear if the reformed MARSEC continues the practice. The official downplaying of its role is in line with Singapore's longstanding policy of trying to avoid pointed purchases which could ignite a regional arms race or harm bilateral relations. Changi airbase which a civillian airport is also based nearby. [57][58] The Navy also launched its first newly-built Invincible class submarine in 2019. Singapore’s Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is expecting the delivery of … [108] The second boat is also due in 2022, with the remaining two scheduled to follow by 2024. [64], The Fleet is responsible for operations beyond the Singapore Strait and represents the main strike arm of the navy. As of 23 September 2015, the United States Navy consists of 272 deployable battle force ships. [94], Unmanned assets and the mine countermeasure ships form the Sixth Flotilla of the RSN. [122][123], On 11 December 2020, the final two patrol vessels RSS Gallant and RSS Freedom were decommissioned. RSS Courageous was badly damaged in a collision with a container ship in the Singapore Strait in January 2003 and removed from service. [112] The first three ships were commissioned in August 1990 and the remaining three in May 1991. At the same time, aspiring officers were sent overseas to learn from established navies such as Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand. Provision was also made for recreational facilities. This created a "crisis of confidence" within the RSN in the next few years, which defence planners regarded as lacking a proper doctrine for existence beyond patrols and tackling illegal immigration. In a guise similar to the Endurance 160/170, it is certainly slated to replace the LST's, which I will be sad to see leave the ORBAT as they were very capable in the coastal hook role, able to land a full infantry battalion with vehicles and armour in one wave. In which the pond wraps up another postmodern year ... News Weekly - within it keyword search for Coates. Agni 6 (Agni VI) Why would India want to develop a 10,000 km Range ICBM? [74] Trainees are required to pass a vocational assessment prior to beginning nine weeks of basic military training. I am not sure of any international guidelines that concern busy civillian airports along side UAVs and helis3rd airbase is helicopters onlyWonder would they consider F35Bs there since it has STOVL capabilityThe F35B requires 165 meters off runway for takeoff. Another three were transferred in 1997, making them Singapore's first underwater platforms. However, due to budgetary constraints in the early 1980s, Defence Minister Howe Yoon Chong decided that more funds should instead be allocated to the Air Force for the acquisition of a squadron of F-16s; the fighter jets were deemed to possess a higher strategic strike value and capable of more diverse roles compared to ships. Navy Medical Service replacements apart from the. [90], The littoral mission vessels were formerly under 182 squadron until June 2020 with the inauguration of the Maritime Security Command. Germany Rejects Pakistan's Bid for Sensitive Subma... Chinese DF-21D & DF-26B Missiles Land in South Chi... Australian Humanitarian/Hospital Ship on Cards, Japan's Advanced G-RX7 / Type 18 Heavyweight Torpedo. Thanks retortPouchYour August 19, 2020 comment is an excellent analysis of Singapore's naval procurement strategy.CheersPete. Invincible is the first of four customized submarines designed for operations in Singapore’s shallow and busy tropical waters.Named Invincible, Impeccable, Illustrious and Inimitable, the new submarines will form the strategic edge of Singapore’s defence.The submarines are expected to be delivered from 2021 onwards and will replace the current ex-Royal Swedish Navy Archer– and … which can conduct mine sweeping/hunting There is virtually unanimous support for Australia requiring an effective, modern submarine capability. Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBNs): 0 2. Submarine Matters provides an expanding technical and political database concerning submarines worldwide. Better utilisation of space at TNB resulted in two and a half times more berthing space than Brani, even though TNB only has a shoreline of 850 m (0.5 mi). Korea is building new ones. Equipped with Sikorsky S-70B naval helicopters, an international derivative of the Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk. unveiled and that reinforced the speculation that the 170 could be the This was considered timely with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson having declared his intention to withdraw British troops from major military bases East of Suez by 1971, which required Singapore to fill the imminent security vacuum, though Britain eventually retained a smaller presence under the Five Power Defence Arrangements. [88][89] The last three ships of the class were commissioned in January 2020. Singapore’s navy is probably mostly concerned with maintaining the freedom of navigation of the waters directly surrounding them. announcements. As an island nation, the RSN forms part of Singapore's first line of defence. [60][61], The Republic of Singapore Navy is led by the Chief of Navy (CNV), who reports directly to the Chief of Defence Force (CDF). On the surface, the Submarine Force appears nearly unassailable in terms of military and strategic capabilities. The Invincible class, also known as Type 218SG, is a submarine class ordered from Germany's ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. [5][6] It also jointly operates the Fokker 50 maritime patrol aircraft with its counterparts from the Republic of Singapore Air Force to provide air surveillance of the seaward approaches to Singapore, which is one of the busiest sealanes in the world. [128], The submarines, frigates and landing ships tank are based at CNB. In January 2013, the Ministry of Defence awarded ST Engineering a contract to build and design eight vessels. of Singapore Surface Navy articles, all drawing heavily on very interesting comments made by replacement. The lead ship of the class, RSS Formidable was built overseas in Lorient, France and commissioned locally on 5 May 2007, marking the 40th anniversary of the RSN. The Singapore Volunteer Force (SVF) became the de facto naval force of the new state, though it remained under the command of the Royal Malaysian Navy. Tuas Naval Base (TNB) is located at the western tip of Singapore and occupies 0.28 km2 (0.11 mi2) of land. is still far away and [25] Nevertheless, the growing constraints and strategic need for a base located nearer to the Singapore Strait necessitated a new base, and the Brani Naval Base on Pulau Brani was formally opened in December 1974. These naval helicopters feature anti-surface and anti-submarine combat systems, extending the ship's own surveillance and over-the-horizon targeting and anti-submarine warfare capabilities. These two ships were eventually replaced by the Bedok class mine countermeasures vessels. [87] The ships have been sent on overseas deployments. Two Bluebird class minesweepers were also transferred from the United States to combat the threat of mine warfare within the narrow and shallow channels of the Singapore Strait. Further information on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Command [20] These numerous name changes reflected the internal restructuring within the Singapore Armed Forces and the growing realization that maritime security would be a crucial element to national security. [63][69], As with the army and air force, all officers of the navy are trained and commissioned at the Officer Cadet School with their interservice counterparts. From 8 - 10? Army Intelligence For example, Singapore Shipbuilding and Engineering (a subsidiary of ST) has indigenously designed and produced a modern naval patrol ship equipped with state of the art anti-submarine, anti-air, The two pressure-tight compartments also enhance safety and survivability of the crew. [9] Bilateral exercises with Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States are held regularly.[10][11]. The littoral ASW gap was filled by the Fearless class patrol vessels, which were commissioned in 1993, of which six were delivered with ASW kit (hull sonar and torpedos).Therefore, it is the six MRCV's which will replace the six MCV's. by Gabriel Dominguez . The remaining three ships were prefabricated in Sweden and transferred to Singapore for final assembly by ST Marine. As new technology became available, these gunboats underwent a number of upgrading programmes in the 1980s and 1990s to increase their strike capability and sophistication. 160/170 is small compared to those other classes. Following Pete’s article there were 2 major comments on July 2, 2020, regarding Singapore’s proposed Multi-Role Combat Vessel (MRCV).Singapore hopes the MRCV will be operational by 2027 - so the selection process must occur quickly. In order to support sealift operations, six County class tank landing ships were purchased from the United States; these were popularly referred to as dollars ships due to the price ($1) paid for each vessel. RSS Endurance became the first RSN ship to circumnavigate the globe when it participated in the 2000 International Naval Review in New York City. I remember reading a commentary article regarding the JMMS and the author wrote that even if Singapore intend to have F35s on the JMMS, its role is mainly reserved fot fleet protection or supporting in Naval operations. The 2016 interview. roles as one of its module when needed. [10] While the plan did not come to fruition, the reduced budget was sufficient to commission twelve Swift class coastal patrol craft which freed the missile gunboats from daily patrols for more strategic operations, though the upgrading program did not proceed. pretty obvious choice even though it is now a design revealed 10 years ago. Why not keep the optiions open?Yes likely the program has begun by now but perhaps in its infancyInteresting note, the Hunter began in 2006. [104][105] Several German industry experts commented then that the project would cost about one billion Euros and take six years to complete, with the first submarine expected to be delivered in 2020. The Australians and Japanese intend to have F35Bs on their respsctive LHDs or whatever term it is refered to. Singapore's first Type 218SG submarine, Invincible, was launched at the thyssenkrupp Marine Systems' shipyard in Kiel on Monday. Benjamin. The Formidable class multi-role stealth frigates entered service with the RSN in 2007 and are derivatives of the French Navy's La Fayette class frigate. As some regional partners, such as the Indonesian Navy, struggle to acquire a submarine fleet, the RSN is currently well-served by two Challenger-class (formerly Sjöormen-class in the Swedish Navy) and two Archer-class (formerly Västergötland-class in the Swedish Navy) diesel-electric submarines, which Singapore began acquiring at the turn of the century. These gunboats became the first missile-armed naval vessels in Southeast Asia when they were upgraded to launch Boeing Harpoon (SSM) surface-to-surface missiles. Two sets of 8-cell Barak I were installed in 1996 as part of a general refit. [10][31] Prior to this, the SAF Diving Center had already been established in 1971 to train the first batch of frogman recruits in conducting underwater mine disposal operations. The Archer class submarines were also former Swedish Navy combatants and known as the Västergötland class. The base has a fibre optic broadband network for information management. [35] Between 1990 and 2001, the resurgent navy acquired six Victory class missile corvettes, twelve Fearless class patrol vessels, four Endurance class landing ship tanks and also commissioned four secondhand Challenger class submarines from Sweden to hone its underwater domain skills. Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBNs): 0 2. On 16 September 1963, Singapore was admitted as a state of Malaysia under the terms of confederation and the Royal Malayan Navy was renamed the Royal Malaysian Navy. [100] Amidst the refitting process, an air independent propulsion system was installed, which necessitated the cutting apart of the submarine's hull to fit new components. Invincible-class submarines development. The ". It also has a dedicated mine-countermeasure flotilla to sweep the straits for mines. The Invincible-class is a class of submarines with air-independent propulsion ordered by the Republic of Singapore Navy from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. The submarines were designed to operate in the shallow waters of the Baltic Sea and are therefore also optimised for operation in Singapore waters, which have similar depth profiles. With that in mind it would seem that the Navy announced Changi Naval Base (CNB) is the latest naval facility of the RSN and was built to replace Brani Naval Base. [120][121] The eleven patrol vessels formed the combined 182/189 squadron until May 2016 when the first littoral mission vessel RSS Independence completed its sea trials; 189 squadron was subsequently subsumed into 182 squadron. Other armaments include Boeing Harpoon missiles and an OTO Melara 76 mmg… It has an automated underground ammunition depot that allows ammunition to be loaded onto the ships and an automated warehouse system to store items. There is also mention of some Singaporean Army and Airforce equipment. The Singapore division of the Malayan Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve was formally transferred from the command of the Royal Navy to the Malaysian Navy on 22 September 1963, becoming the Singapore Volunteer Force. Participation Command Nuclear-Powered attack submarines (SSNs): 0 3. [68] It also conducts weapons readiness checks on ships and works closely with the Defence Science and Technology Agency and ST Electronics. They probably don’t need them, but they are really handy to have if Singapore has the money. Perhaps as far as 12Numbers are smallI do not see power projection. [83][84] The class was designed with the "lean manning" concept to facilitate a smaller crew complement to reflect the declining birthrate in Singapore, with increased levels of automation and remote monitoring systems. Its frigates and missile corvettes are capable of conducting anti-surface, anti-air and anti-submarine operations with their equipped armaments and sensors. the Independence, Then there was a thought about the very light 500 ton [24], During the latter half of the decade, the increased operational demands and rate of patrols led the Navy to seek three additional missile gunboats and an upgrade to the Harpoon missile for the existing fleet under Project Albatross. [21][22] Headquarters was also shifted ashore to Pulau Belakang Mati in 1968. Signals Four submarines were ordered and the lead vessel RSS Invincible was launched in February 2019. [54][55], The Navy underwent a comprehensive restructuring in June 2020 which dissolved all the existing squadrons, reorganizing each class of ship into its separate flotilla; the Maritime Security Task Force was also replaced with the Maritime Security Command, with the newly-created Sea Security Group and Force Protection Group placed under it. Nuclear-Powered attack submarines (SSNs): 0 3. [37] As a result of the accident, additional safety measures were implemented and the training program enhanced, including the requirement for all officers to better understand the maneuvering characteristics of their ship and take a COLREGs test every six months. The Archer-class submarines are also equipped with Stirling AIP engines. [114][115] The six corvettes form the Eighth Flotilla of the RSN. [96] As the submarines were designed for operations in the Baltic Sea, various modifications were required to suit them to tropical waters. [28][29], The RSN was the first navy in the region to successfully conduct a live missile firing when RSS Sea Wolf fired two Gabriel missiles in March 1974. The program was never meant to alleviate the airforce airbase closure to begin withIf such was the case then in a serious manner, it would have to be a much bigger ship with the key focus on air aspect and lesser on the land/surface role.Things to note: only 1 airbase in future is able to support the entire RSAF assets. After all, these will be older designs by the time we near 2030 Although many like the idea of 160/170 being the JMMS. Endurance class amphibious transport docks, Independence Selling the JMMS as a Lightning capable carrier would invite accusations of Singapore wanting to acquire expeditionary capability and interoperability with the USMC and JMSDF in the SCS. Malaysia has long-term plans to double its current submarine numbers to … [10], In 1979, Malaysia had published a map laying claim to Pedra Branca, an offshore island controlled by Singapore. This means keeping with the evolving threat environment Singapore may face in the future to progressively enhance the submarine’s capability without necessarily expanding the fleet. [95], In 1995, the RSN acquired a Sjöormen class submarine from the Swedish Navy and rechristened it the Challenger class. India's Plans for 21 More Subs including SSNs, Singapore's Six Submarines - RSS Swordsman Commissioned, Singapore buying two HDW 218SG submarines - Sweden's loss, Latest on India's Aircraft Carrier Projects, Singapore's Future Multi-Role Combat Vessel (MRCV) Issues, Air independent propulsion (AIP) Technologies and Selection, Sebastien Roblin at The National Interest, In the meanwhile, the 1st Type075 LPD is enjoying her "snowbird" vacation in the southern tropic of Hainan island, Chinese Military Power 2017 RepToCongress, Submarine Matters archived by Australian National Library. As in my view revealing the idea of JMMS Diesel-electric attack submarines (SSKs): 4 4. A subsidiary of the company, ST Marine was charged with building the ships at Benoi Yard and integrating the combat systems supplied by the group's electronics arm, ST Electronics. The base has since been enclosed to the west by land reclamation in Tuas South. [56][65] As a SAF-level task force operating close to shore within the littoral environment, the patrol vessels and littoral mission vessels interoperate with other governmental organisations such as the Police Coast Guard, port authority and immigration agencies. Unmanned assets such as the Specialised Marine Craft patrol boat and Protector USV have also been commissioned to combat the personnel shortfall in Singapore due to falling birthrates. Though i wonder if you were to have a F35B in beast mode, how much distance does it require to take off? Naval Diving Unit MV Swift Rescue is the world’s first and only commercially-owned and operated mothership dedicated to submarine escape, rescue and salvage. Question for Benjamin: is Benjamin the same as famous forumer Benjamin Ong?Separately, the JMMS is definitely a current, active RSN project. [38], The RSN also participated in operations other than war within Southeast Asia and abroad. Formally established in 1967, it has since undergone a substantial modernisation, being regarded as sophisticated and well trained.[2][3][4]. They were designed and built locally by ST Marine to replace the old County class tank landing ships (LST). It's taking a while to come to fruition because there are many concurrent developments which must all come to fruition before the the JMMS as a platform can achieve its goals.The MCV's are to be replaced by the MRCV's in the RSN ORBAT.The MCVs' operational history supports this. [15][18], On 5 May 1967, the new Singapore naval ensign was hoisted at the Telok Ayer Basin for the first time. The naval helicopters are part of the 123 squadron of the RSAF and piloted by air force pilots. [106], The diesel electric submarines will have 50 per cent longer endurance, more firepower, more capable sensors and advanced automation than the existing fleet of RSN submarines. A life extension program between 2009–2013 redesigned the mast to incorporate new sensors, overhauled the combat management system, and added the ability for the ship to launch a single ScanEagle UAV for remote surveillance without the need to approach a target. Perhaps too early for an announcement. In addition, seawater is used in the air-conditioning system. [98] RSS Challenger and RSS Centurion were retired from service in 2015.[99]. These submarines, along with the previously … Other than that were the Next Generation Howitzer [more details. ] By agreement with the Malaysian government, Panglima was transferred in 1965, and on 1 February 1966, the SVF came under the command of Singapore and became the Singapore Naval Volunteer Force (SNVF), with Singapura and Bedok later recommissioned as Republic of Singapore Ships (RSS); the former serving as a floating headquarters. Armed with eight torpedo tubes and manned by a crew of 28, they can travel at a surface speed of more than 10 knots and a submerged speed of more than 15 knots. All commissioned ships of the RSN have the prefix RSS standing for Republic of Singapore Ship. Total Submarines in Fleet: 4 1. The RSN also operates the submarine support and rescue vessel MV Swift Rescue.[110]. [7][8] The RSN has engaged in international anti-piracy operations further abroad, partaking in the multinational Combined Task Force 151 off the Gulf of Aden. Four patrol vessels, RSS Sea Hawk, RSS Independence, RSS Sovereignty and RSS Daring together with the Marine Police, were able to surround the fleeing ferry and prevent it from escaping. Combat Support Vehicle (PCSV), -  what struck out the most was (6:21 "our LSTs [. /"LSTs" (6:27) why weren't there any announcements with regards An upgrade program was conducted between 2016 and early 2019, which involved the installation of CM010 optronic periscopes and new combat management, sonar and countermeasure systems. [85] This has resulted in its combat information center, machinery control room, and bridge being co-located in a single location known as the integrated command center. [36] In January 2003, RSS Courageous collided with a merchant vessel within the vicinity of Pedra Branca during a patrol, resulting in four casualties and the first ship to be stricken as a total loss. [53] Both nations eventually suspended the overlapping port limits and withdrew from the area following successful negotiations, though the area remains undelimited. and use of [63], The Naval Diving Unit is charged with "explosive ordnance disposal, underwater mine demolition and commando-type missions". [97], It was believed that the Challenger class were purchased to develop the required submarine operations expertise before selecting a modern class of submarines to replace them, since all the boats were then over 40 years old. [63] The RSN has also partnered with ST Education and Training to operate the training ship STET Polaris since 2010. Air Force Training Command, Naval warfare branch of the Singapore Armed Forces, "It is our earnest hope that the separation of KD, Royal Malaysian Navy § Straits Settlement Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Equipment of the Republic of Singapore Navy, Co-ordinating Minister for National Security, "Military and Security Services Personnel Strength", "Why Singapore's Navy Should Be Taken Seriously", "Indian Ocean Rising: Maritime Security and Policy Challenges", "How a tiny city-state became a military powerhouse with the best air force and navy in Southeast Asia", "Piracy attempt foiled by S'pore, Indonesian navies", "Busy shipping lane's narrow passageway hard for vessels to navigate", "Singapore's ambitious naval procurement plans", "Changi Naval Base to get new name: RSS Singapura - Changi Naval Base", "Warships from 20 countries to dock at Singapore's first international maritime review", "A Brief History of the Volunteer Forces in Singapore", "Factsheet – History of the SAF Day Parade", "RSS Singapura name in line with naval tradition", "Colonel James Aeria, Commander of Republic of Singapore Navy, at a press conference on the 3,710 South Vietnamese refugees on board 25 ships now anchored off Singapore", "Address by the Minister of Defence, Mr Howe Yoon Chong, at the Commissioning Ceremony of the Coastal Patrol Craft at Pulau Brani Naval Base on Tuesday, 20 October 1981 at 4.00 pm", "Findings of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)'S Inquiry into the Collision between ANL Indonesia and RSS Courageous", "Collision at Sea Findings: Statement by DPM and Minister for Defence, Dr Tony Tan", "Operation Blue Heron, East Timor, 1999 - 2003", "Operation Flying Eagle is Activated after Asian Tsunami", "SAF using NSFs in more roles ahead of manpower crunch", "Singapore Navy Joins Counterpiracy CTF 151", "Singapore sends 151 servicemen to join anti-piracy patrols in Gulf of Aden", "IMDEX 2019: Singapore navy confirms 16 m-class USVs aboard future unmanned vehicle 'mothership, "Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Singapore sends more help to search for flight MH370", "AirAsia plane crash: Eerie images from underwater show fuselage found in Java Sea", "Singapore Navy sends 3 vessels to help in QZ8501 search", "SAF mulls buying larger ship to better aid in disaster relief", "Singapore repeats call for Malaysia to withdraw vessels in Republic's waters off Tuas after collision", "New Johor Baru port limits go beyond Kuala Lumpur's past claims: Khaw Boon Wan", "Singapore, Malaysia suspend implementation of overlapping port limits", "Restructuring the RSN's Capabilities to Strengthen Singapore's Maritime Security Capabilities", "Meet the Navy's new 'mothership' that fights with unmanned drones and vessels", "Whither Singapore's Joint Multi Mission Ship?

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